Spicy Dog: Bringing A New Spin On Hotdogs To Houston

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Spicy Dog: Bringing A New Spin On Hotdogs To Houston

One thing we want to do with Fireblade is to promote the latest and greatest food concepts popping up around Houston. We'd like to introduce Spicy Dog:

When did Spicy Dog start and how did the idea come about?

Spicy Dog started operating as pop up back in the summer of 2017. Our food truck officially started operating February 2018. The idea came about when we thought Houston needed more delicious hot dog options. 


What is unique about your concept?

Our concept is unique because it embodies Houston. Our menu reflects Houston-inspired characteristics such as the toppings and sauces that go on the hot dogs. Some of the sauces and toppings we use are Jalapeno Puree (Mexican inspiration), Hot Cheeto Crumbs, Cajun Ketchup, Japanese Ketchup, and Nori.


How did you start off?

We started off by doing pop ups at breweries in the Houston area. We started off at Sigma Brewery, Spindletap Brewery, Buffalo Bayou Brewery, Brash Brewing Company, Spring Street Beer and Wine Garden, Irish Cowboy Bar, and more.


What have been your biggest hurdles?

Our biggest hurdles have been the seasonal challenges. Our first pop up was during Hurricane Harvey. Our first month of operating the food truck in February, it rained about 19 days and most of the days in the month were cold.


What does the future of Spicy Dog look like? Any plans on expanding to a brick and mortar location?

We’re looking to put Spicy Dog into a food hall. We are currently working on our sister concept, Spicy Bear (brick and mortar) in the Heights, that will be opening this fall (2018).


What do you think are the biggest trends in food now?

The biggest trend right now is probably food that is “instagrammable” and also tastes amazing. 


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What’s the best place for people to find you guys?

The best place to find us is inside the loop. Check our social media (facebook/Instagram) for our schedule and locations!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/spicydoghtx/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spicydoghtx/