Introducing Mala Hot Sauce: Add Szechuan Flavors To Your Food

mala hot sauce

This is the mala hot sauce brought to you by the Fireblade Food Company. Mala hot sauce combines red chilis and Szechuan peppercorns, bringing a unique flavor profile that will enhance any meal. 

Flavor Profile

Mala hot sauce is slightly sweet, tangy, spicy, and has some floral notes due to the peppercorn. As you taste it, you'll also notice a slight numbing, tingling sensation. It is the combination of this sensation and spice that is known as mala. 

Mala is the core Szechuan cuisine and is utilized in a variety of dishes, from mapo tofu to fried chicken bits. 

This sauce versatile, tasting great on a variety of foods such as pho, eggs, and fried chicken. This even goes well mixed with other condiments, especially BBQ sauce and ketchup.

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